Quinte Home Builder’s Association 2023 Quinte Home & Lifestyle Show Exhibitor Rules & Lease Agreement

50 Years of Home Shows in the Quinte Region!!


A) The exhibitor agrees to occupy contracted booth space leased from the Quinte Home Builder’s Association. Unless approval is received from the QHBA's Home & Lifestyle Show Committee, the maximum booth space to be rented per business is four (4). The Home Show Committee reserves the right to reduce requested booth space should they see fit for the benefit of the show. All space must be occupied by business listed on application. Signs/business cards or other material showing or promoting another business may not be present unless otherwise authorized with written permission from the QHBA and the QHLS Committee. Spaces may not be sublet without written permission from the QHBA. It is also important that your booth have company representatives in attendance at all times. The QHLS showcases your business and your brand to potential clients/consumers who pay a premium to enter – make the best use of your dollars – be present.

B) Special requests for booth location will be considered, but cannot be guaranteed. The QHBA and the Home Show Committee reserves the right to determine the eligibility and location of the exhibitors and exhibits, the ability to reject or remove exhibitors and exhibits*, and right to relocate exhibitors and exhibits when in the committee’s opinion is in the best interest of the Show. *This includes, but is not limited to: persons, conduct, printed matter, souvenirs, or novelties which may affect the Show.

C) One 110 power outlet will be provided for each exhibitor booth. It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure their booth does not exceed available power. Should additional power be needed, it must be requested in advance through the application process or in writing to the Home & Lifestyle Show Committee, and the exhibitor will be responsible for any additional charges to supply such power. Requests for power at the Show, if accommodated, will be subject to a $500 administration fee.

D) All exhibits must be in place for showing no later than 10 AM the Friday morning of the Show. Failure to comply will result in a charge of $150 per booth. All displays and goods must not exceed dimensions of leased booth area, nor obstruct neighbouring booths and/or walkways. Obstruction includes both visual and audio interference. Complaints from other vendors and/or visitors will be handled on an individual basis. See section “B” above.

E) The exhibitor agrees to remove his exhibit, stock and equipment from the Show venue by 12 Noon on the Monday following the close of the show. Failure to comply will result in a charge of $250 per booth and the exhibitor will be responsible for any additional fees that may be levied by the City of Belleville in relation to the removal of the exhibitor’s materials/property etc. The exhibitor also agrees that no displays may be dismantled or goods removed during the entire run of the Show, and must stay intact and present until the Sunday at 4 PM (closing) of the Show.


Exhibitors must provide a current Certificate of Insurance, at their own expense, prior to setup of booths or exhibits. That insurance coverage will begin on the date of April 13, 2023, and terminates after the final move out date, April 17, 2023.

IMPORTANT: The policy shall include the following as additional named insured:

  • Quinte Home Builder’s Association PO BOX 22018 Belleville ON,
  • The Corporation of the City of Belleville - 169 Front St. N. Belleville
  •  Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre - 265 Cannifton Rd, Belleville

This information MUST be included in all Exhibitor COI (Certificates of Insurance), and shall insure the Exhibitor against all claims, demands, actions or proceedings for sums of money, damages, costs, penalties and losses, and all liability which may be imposed by law for: loss of life, personal injury, or damage to or loss of property arising from or in any way connected with the exhibitor’s presence, conduct, or operations at the Quinte Home and Lifestyle Show. The Quinte Home Builder’s Association will use all reasonable precautions for the protection of the public and property, but will not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by fire, theft or otherwise. The Exhibitor accepts all risks associated with the use of exhibit space. The Exhibitor shall not make any claim or take any legal action, whatsoever, against the Quinte Home Builder’s Association, Home Show Committee, Show Management, Show sponsors, other exhibitors, the venue owner(s) and their respective agent(s); servant(s)and employee(s), and/or members of the public attending the Show.


All the exhibitor’s property brought to the Show shall be done so at the sole risk of the exhibitor. The Quinte Home Builder’s Association assumes no responsibility for any damages thereto. The exhibitor shall assume all responsibility for any loss or damage to their property however caused. The QHBA will not be held responsible for any lost or stolen items, personal or otherwise. The Quinte Home Builder’s Association will undertake measures to ensure reasonable security for booths and merchandise during the closing hours of the show, but will not be held liable for loss or damage due to, but not restricted to: fire, flood, theft, Act of God, or anything beyond the control of the Quinte Home Builder’s Association.


This contract may only be canceled or forfeited by written notice and approval from the Home Show Committee. This is a large show and marketing campaigns are launched, and material is printed well in advance of the Show. Refunds will be given as follows: Before Dec 31: Full refund less a $100 admin fee. Jan 1 to Feb 1: Full refund less a $500 admin fee. After February 1: No Refunds.  In the event of a COVID19 related cancellation, whereby the Association & QHLS have no control over said cancellation, the QHLS will offer full refunds or Show credits for booth space for the following years' Show. 


The exhibitor agrees to abide by all policies, rules and regulations, including those implemented by the QHLS, the QHBA and/or the City of Belleville, Belleville Fire Department, the Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre, the AGCO and the Hastings Prince Edward Public Health.  Exhibitors will adapt to any price increase, policy, rule or regulation change deemed necessary at any time prior to, during, and after the Show. Exhibitor agrees that this agreement represents the only contract or representation, written or verbal, for show space lease and that no other guarantee or warranties are implied. Acceptance into the show is not guaranteed until you receive notice from the QHBA. The Exhibitor’s Handbook with specific QHLS Show information and guidelines will be sent prior to the Show. 

By agreeing to this page through the electronic acceptance and submission process, you fully understand and are responsible for adhering to the terms and conditions of the Quinte Home & Lifestyle Show.