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Target Facebook Ad Campaign. What Is It?

It is a digital advertisement used on Facebook to target thousands of users in your community and beyond.

Here is your chance to have a Facebook Ad created for your business that will run for an entire month leading up to the Quinte Home & Lifestyle Show. The Ad is projected to reach 3000 - 8000 Facebook users in your community and beyond. The Call To Action will be to come learn more about your business at the Quinte Home & Lifestyle Show.


Additional Details:

  • Sponsorship package cost is $300
  • Budget includes $100 Advertising budget on Facebook and $200 for creation and management of the ad
  • Max 8 cities of your choice can be targeted between Oshawa and Kingston
  • Age group of Targeted Facebook Users can be pre-determined
  • The ad will link to the Quinte Home & Lifestyle Event page where users can sign-up for the weekend event and come see your booth at the Home Show.
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