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Quinte Homebuilders' Association Code of Ethics

All active members of the Quinte Home Builders' Association solemnly promise and subscribe to uphold the following Code of Ethics:

(a) Members of the Quinte Home Builders' Association believe and affirm that:

  1. Home ownership by Canadian families should be encouraged;
  2. Canadian homes shall be well designed, well constructed and well located in attractive communities with educational, recreational, religious and shopping facilities accessible to all;
  3. Canadian homes shall be built under the free enterprise system.

(b) To achieve these goals, I/we pledge allegiance to the following principles and policies:

  1. Members shall comply with the Ontario Building Code as a minimum standard for construction and shall work toward its improvement in the interest of structural sufficiency, safety and health;
  2. Members shall plan sites and homes to conform to the principles of good community planning;
  3. Members shall deal justly with their employees, sub-contractors & suppliers;
  4. Members shall deal honestly and fairly with their customers;
  5. Members shall cooperate to extend the effectiveness of the Association by interchanging information and experience and shall encourage research on materials and techniques in order to provide better homes at lower cost;
  6. Members shall uphold the principle of appropriate and adequate compensation for the service which they render;
  7. Members shall avoid all conduct & practice likely to discredit or to injury to the house building industry;
  8. These responsibilities are freely and solemnly assumed as they form part of an obligation as members of the Canadian Home Builders' Association.