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Diamond Homes by Davis
Diamond Homes by Davis

Just like a Diamond. Diamond Homes strives to provide our customers with the best quality service imaginable. From the beginning of the home building process, we provide the one-on-one attention you deserve to ensure that your home and your experience are a cut above the rest. The owner/operator of Diamond Homes, John Davis, believes that trust and honesty are the building blocks of any relationship and, therefore, makes himself available to his customers at all times via his personal cell phone. When you decide to purchase a Diamond Home, you will be given direct access to the builder's cell phone number so that you are able to have all of your questions answered quickly via call or text. You will find your builder working on the job sites every day of the week. Diamond Homes has raised the bar on building quality constructed homes and hands-on approach. This strong work ethic and values have earned the company the respect of its peers and the trust of the local developers . Dedication to the quality of the home they build, not the quantity, is achieved by personal attention to each and every home. John Davis and his family have previously resided in two of their very own passed developments. This allowed all clients to have constant access to the builder and shows John's level of commitment to his clients. This is the type of service you can expect when you purchase a Diamond Home.

Diamond Homes by Davis John Davis
1458 Fish and Game Club Rd.
Stirling , ON K0K 2C0