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A Healthy Workplace Means a Healthy Business 

From the organization that brought you the Regional Partners in Prevention (PIP) Conference series, Workplace Safety & Prevention Services ™ (WSPS) is excited to launch our Virtual Day of Learning series. Same great value and leading industry expertise just presented virtually!


*NOTE: Prices vary per Day of Learning



Why Attend?

  • Improve productivity and business performance
  • Foster a positive workplace culture of trust and respect
  • Minimize production downtime and employee absenteeism
  • Use non-verbal communication to display confidence and empathy
  • Implement practical strategies to minimize mental harm and/or injuries
  • Access support tools and resources to managing a healthy workplace
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Challenges of an Everyday Health & Safety Professional 

October 12, 2022 | Virtual Delivery 

Replaces PIP Eastern (Ottawa)

Attend sessions that address key challenges and opportunities to manage workplace impairment and how human factors can impact workplace incident investigation outcomes.

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Overcoming Obstacles of Workplace Conflict, Violence and Harassment

November 17, 2022 | Virtual Delivery

Replaces PIP Golden Horseshoe (Niagara Falls)

Learn to manage high stress situations, both in the workplace and when dealing with customers. Discover de-escalation techniques, how to identify non-verbal cues to prevent violence and conflict in the workplace, and more!


Workplace Safety & Prevention Services eNews

Health and Safety Guidance for Your Business

Image of a worker wearing a face mask standing behind a counter in a coffee shop with spray cleaner and cloth in hands wiping protective safety shield screen

New COVID guidelines, plus 6 tips to stop the spread of respiratory illness

Soaring cases of COVID, flu and colds are expected this fall. Learn how to keep your workers safe and your business running smoothly.

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Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap, assess your current state, build your action plan, monitor your results, learn more!
Image of a male wearing safety googles, dusk mask, safety headphone using an electric sander on wood in warehouse

MLITSD Healthy Workplace initiative: inspections begin October 31 

A new initiative focused on industrial workplaces will address respiratory hazards related to crystalline silica exposure. Find out what inspectors are looking for and get tips to prepare. 

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Is your JHSC struggling? Tips for overcoming 4 common challenges 

Don’t let your committee’s vital work be torpedoed by problems within your control. Follow these tips from WSPS Certification Trainer Kart Vyas. 

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Holiday countdown: keep employees safe with this 7-point checklist 

Employees are at greater risk of physical and mental harm during the holiday season. Here’s how to keep them safe. 

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Workplace incidents: find out when and how to report them  

How do you determine when an incident is reportable? And how do you report it? Get answers to these questions and find out how to determine if an incident is critical. 

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